By Benjamin Elterman
Emotional Eloquence Made Simple
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Bar Mitzvahs

Hear him bold, sharp, and confident. 


Bat Mitzvahs

So her words can shine as bright as you see her.

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Parents & Family

Let them know how proud you are on this special day.

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Other Events

Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, Bris, Eulogies 


Emotional Impact

Words from the heart, penetrate the heart.  

Jewish Wisdom Unlocked

Illuminating the lessons of you child's Torah portion. 

Performance Coaching

Confidence, delivery, articulation, and presence.


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I care about your child's bar or bat mitzvah. You've worked so hard to bring them to this tremendous day. However, despite all of their hard work, you know the moment that'll be most remember by your friends, family, and community is... the speech.

A good bar/bat mitzvah speech is a combination of wisdom, heart, and delivery. This event commemorates the very age where, for the first time, they are finally capable of expressing those sentiments themselves. They just need a little help to get there.  


As an experienced Hollywood screenwriter, performance artist, blogger, and essayist, I have made my living on entertaining while delivering important ideas and empowering messages.  A passionate scholar, I have a deep and growing relationship with my Judaism that has pushed me to continually study Torah in both Los Angeles and Jerusalem. My dedication to both has yielded a body of work that can be found on my blog and on


But the deepest Torah wisdom won't penetrate if it doesn't come from an honest human place, the heart. With my talents as a communicator and teacher, I will bring the most cherished moments of your child's life to color the wisdom of their Torah portion and what the figures in their lives mean to them in the most heartfelt and sincere way. 


Located in Los Angeles, Benjamin is available to help students and parents throughout the SoCal area for any denomination of Judaism.

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