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Mitzvah Speeches offers a variety of packages to best suit your needs. 

Depending on your time frame, skill level, and desired involvement, the options below can be adjusted so you or your child gets the attention needed at a price point that works for you.  


Parent Speeches


- 1 phone call to discuss what you want to say. Up to 3 drafts written. 

•Script Doctor

- Editing your first draft taking it to the next level. Up to 2 drafts written.




Other Options and Services Available

Mitzvah Speeches is here to meet your needs.

•Don't hesitate to reach out if there's a service you're not seeing. Candle lighting, wedding speeches, eulogies, and more are available!


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**Note that some fees may apply such as in cases of very short notice, if payments methods have transaction fees, etc. Please speak with staff for final pricing.

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Contact us to let us know what package you're most interested in and your time frame. 

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